Zac Damon (guitar, vocals), Arne Cherkoss (guitar, vocals), Bob Conrad (drums) and Shane Forster (Bass)

It's been 13 years since the Nevada
pop-punk band Zoinks! formed in a depressed basement near downtown Sparks, Nev. The band's history is noted by more than 30,000 in sales of CDs and singles, numerous U.S. tours, a six-week European tour, opening for Green Day—to 6,000 people—in Hawaii, and even playing in Anchorage, Alaska.

Zoinks! formed in 1992, released three 7-inch singles on local label Satan's Pimp Records and was subsequently signed in 1994 to Southern California's independent label, Dr. Strange Records. Committed to the do-it-yourself philosophy, Zoinks! booked its own tours and helped to re-establish the do-it-yourself ethos in the early-90s Reno music scene, a movement that originated in the late 70s with Reno's most known punk band, 7 Seconds.


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