ZOINKS! LIVE IN CHICAGO 1997 (11/15/97)
This was our last ever U.S. tour. Even though Jacksonville in the same year—or maybe it was the year before that—was by far our funniest show, Chicago was all a show could be. It represents what a good punk show was for us: loud, noisy, obnoxious, bad notes, drumsticks flying out of Bob's hands and an overly friendly crowd. The laughs bring back memories, a lazy sort of nostalgia that cannot fully be relived. It’s there nonetheless.
This recording was supposed to be part of the V.M.L. Records’ live 7-inch series. Our lazy asses and eventual breakup meant we never got around to pursuing V.M.L.’s offer to put a few of these onto vinyl. So they deserve credit for putting up their one mic in the audience to capture the live sound. For something we were unprepared to do, it’s worth putting the tracks up here. Johnny Personality held the mic, made the tape, and sent it to us. Bob made the edits. Arne played guitar and sang, Rob played bass and also sang and Bob played drums.

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